Your State Certificate
Here is an explanation of the new procedure, necessary to prepare for the award of the course diploma and your application for a CT Safe Boating Certificate.

At the end of the course we will give an exam that awards you a squadron diploma known country-wide as an accomplishment and achievement.   The State of Connecticut recognizes this as qualifying for the CT Safe Boating Certificate which is required to operate a motor boat in the State, as well as a sail boat that is 19.5' and over.

Up to the close of 2012, CT issued a plastic card, resembling a Driver’s License, representing the CT Safe Boating Certificate. As of 2013, this has been replaced by a sheet of paper that you can print out on your home computer.  The CT Safe Boating Certificate is now being issued through the CT Department of Energy and Environmental Protection's Online Sportsmen Licensing System.   This system has been phased-in over a number of years, first with hunting and fishing licenses and now includes one for boating.  It enables you to buy these licenses, online, via a secure State system.

Now, when you graduate from our course, and receive your diploma, your instructors will "set a flag" in the state system - authorizing you to buy a copy of your own Safe Boating Certificate.  The $50 fee is payable the first time you print your own certificate.  You can print additional certificates at no cost. This makes it easy to replace if lost, and in fact enables you to have one on board your vessel, and one in your wallet as well, should you have the opportunity to operate a friend’s boat.

The first step in the process is for you to obtain you own Conservation ID #.  This is a  number that will be assigned to you once you complete the registration process at:
This site gives a good description of Connecticut's Online Sportsmen Licensing System - describing the different licenses and certificates you may obtain from this single State web-site.

You may have an account with the State already (Fishing, Hunting, etc.) - if you do, then jump to the next step:  send your Conservation ID# to our course administrator at

If you do not have an account with the State - then just follow their instructions to secure your Connecticut Conservation ID #.

The second step is to let the instructors know what your Conservation ID # is so that once you have passed the exam we can "set the flag" in the system for you to continue with the process.  Send your Conservation ID# to us at   as soon as possible.

The third step - for you - after you have passed the exam - is to log on to the same system, using your own Conservation ID #, pay your fee to the State, and print your own certificate/s.

As we mentioned in class, it is important, however, that you go to the State web site - and obtain your Conservation ID # and send it to us - so that we will be ready to take the necessary steps right after you have passed the exam.  Our goal is to do that on a timely basis, so that you can print your own certificate the day after you take the exam.

So - in short:   go to

and complete that process - and then send the number to   so that we can build a roster of students for processing your exams.

NOTE:  if you already have a CT Safe Boating Certificate (the plastic card) -  it is still valid.  You will have the ability to re-print copies of certificates issued under the old system. 

If you have questions on any of this - just send a message to

- we will be pleased to work through this process together.

We look forward to seeing you in class.